Child Marriage

                   OMG! Can you imagine having to marry a 32 year old man when you are 11! In Bangladesh lots of kids under the age of 14 (52 % of Bangladesh’s people are under the age of 18)  and are told to marry.  Child marriage is very common. Can you  imagine having to marry so you’r parents can pay money they owe to the people around them?

6,000,000 people have been registered so they cannot marry with their birth certificate and their right to not marry is now upheled.  Now here is the video

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Remembrance Day Question

                           Our challenge teacher asked us a qustion about Remembrance Day and we are to say what we think on our blogs.  The question is What does Remembrance Day mean to you?  Also:  what are we fighting for.  My answer is: we are fighting for world peace because we don’t want to live in a scary world anymore we want to be able to go outside and not be worried about being killed  by a gun.Remerbrance Day to me is a day where we all remeber those who gave their lives so we have good life.Lest we shall never forget them.

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Teenage Affuenza

I think that teenage affuenza is silly. We have everything we could ever need in Canada but there are people are forced to scavenge for food in garbage.  Did you know children ride garbage trucks on their way in dropping garbage pieces?  One grocery bag will feed one family of four for a month in some countries.

 Having cereal without milk is not that bad. Would you rather eat something from the garbage dump? 

So next time you get something you don’t like, perhaps give it to  a donation box so somone can else can enjoy it. 


Here is the video

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Child Soldiers

                            I think that ….children all over the world should NOT be forced to be a child soldiers.  Children should have a choice if they want to be child soldier or not or there should be a law that is children can’t be forced go to the army at all.In places such as Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Chad, and democratic Republic of  Congo hundreds of thousands of childrenare being forced to do thing such as shooting people in their own village all they know is that they must shoot with their  gun they have been given.Now Craig Kielburger and his brother are doing something about it . Did you know that now with 2010 is coming their are starting 10 by10 10 by 10 is that Craig Kielburger  and his brother want every Canadian to donate $10 to   the Free the Children and do 10 hours of community service.  We will make the world what we want it to be.To find out more on 10 by 10 go to this website this website has all the information you will need to know about 10 by10.

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